Spices and herbs are usually used for flavoring, coloring or preserving food which may include cinnamon, pepper, chili and curry powder etc. In subcontinent the people mostly used spices in preparation of their food. Without spices the concept of food is incomplete especially the people of Punjab fond of spicy food so they use spices in abundance.

Spices are not only used for flavoring and taste but are also benefit for our health. Proper use of spices helps digest food. A major percentage of Pakistani population buy loose spices instead of packed ones. The adulteration mafia prepare spices under poor unhygienic condition. They use poisonous chemicals in manufacturing of loose spices that are injurious to health. In this regard, Punjab Food Authority is taking serious action against this mafia. Director General Punjab food authority, Irfan Nawaz Memon has directed operations team to hold a crackdown to ensure implementation of Punjab pure food regulations.

The authority is in full swing and ensuring the provision of safe food to masses. It would be compulsory for manufacturer to write company and supplier name on packing, details of ingredients, manufacturing and expiry dates, weight and address. It’s our duty to support these steps of Punjab food authority against adulteration mafia.