We always talk against western culture and their behaviour, that they consider disdain to their parents when they reach the last phase of their lives and send them to old age homes.

But regretfully, we have adopted their egregious culture of disdaining and scolding parents and sending them to old age homes. This is all over Pakistan. We can see old age homes. There are six in Karachi and two in Lahore and Islamabad. Sometimes I think, how in an Islamic society old age homes can be built? Obviously it is the most humiliating and callous act.

If parents take care of their children for 3 to 4 decades then why it becomes difficult for children to live with parents in their geriatric phase of life? This is the duration when diseases become part of their daily life.

As children, we must provide medical and emotional support to them and must make sure that they are precious gems in our lives.