Some columnists in various newspapers are expressing the view that there is no difference between dictatorship and democracy. I take a strong exception to this statement. Whatever be the issues of contention between the political parties, the fact remains that this government came into power as a result of people's vote. Pakistan People's Party has a history of waging struggle for the restoration of democracy. It is due to the contribution of its martyred leader, Benazir Bhutto, that we are back to a democratic dispensation again after having thrown the yoke of dictatorship. There are problems, no doubt, that need resolution. There are huge tasks deserving attention of people in the government. Raising these issues is a democratic right of everyone but to say that this democratic government and the dictatorial one that preceded it are two sides of the same coin constitutes an insult of the public mandate. Let us be clear about the fact that even the worst of democracy is better than the best of dictatorship. I request our learned opinion makers to give this government five years in accordance with its mandate and if it still fails to deliver, people have the right to vote it out of power. -SONIA ZAFAR, Multan, January 20.