The November 26 Mumbai attacks shocked the world as well as people of Pakistan but the more shocking was Indian government and its media's blame game that started within the time the Indian security forces were trying to take the situation under control. Without concrete evidence, they accused Pakistan of sending militants in their country which was absolute nonsense. At that time our Foreign Minister was in India but he was denied meeting with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Pakistan strongly condemned the attacks and offered all kind of help but India gathered its troops on Pakistan border and threatened us of dire consequences. The motive, thus, became very clear. The analysts viewed it as a pre-planned plot to implicate Pakistan, its military and its security agencies especially ISI. Earlier they had put blame on Pakistan for Samjhota Express blast, in which 68 Pakistanis, and no Indians, were killed. Later it was proved in their own investigations that a serving Colonel of the Indian Army was involved in this train attack. -FARZANA AMBREEN, Rawalpindi, via e-mail, January 10.