This refers to letter headlined "Here's proper information" (Jan 15) by Khurshid Anwer. I am sorry to say that I have noticed that Mr Anwer for the last many years is continuously trying to misguide our readers on controversial Kalabagh dam project to benefit Punjab. He has taken mum how Punjab has converted controversial Chashma-Jehlum Link Canal into a perennial canal unilaterally and also taking illegally and daringly share of water of Sindh. Further, one of the WAPDA chairman Mr Tariq Hameed who belongs to Punjab and later became minister in interim govt, had accepted in public more than one times that in some cases he had refused to accept the orders of IRSA (superior constitutional body) to reduce the water flow. Another example was of Lt Gen (r) Zulfikar Khan, ex-chairman, WAPDA. His contention that some Sindh Irrigation officers are watching the flow is not trustworthy as one of the former IRSA chairman belonging to Sindh has admitted in press that the said officers are informally living at Lahore and sending fake reports to get some benefits from Punjab. The sea intrusion has inundated about 2.5 million acres of precious land in Sindh obviously for non-availability of water thus 1/3 of Sindh has been converted into desert. In Water Accord -91, it was mentioned that 10maf water will be released downstream Kotri to check sea intrusion etc but Punjab did not allow to implement Water Accord - 91 in letter and spirit resulting ruination of Indus delta which was once 6th largest delta in the world. I will advise Mr Anwar to read the Abbasi Report on water honestly who had accepted that during the deficit of water, Punjab on many occasions has forcibly taken water whereas only Sindh had to suffer. So-called Formula-94 is another trick to benefit Punjab on water front and deprive Sindh of its due share.-M.K. SIAL, Karachi, via e-mail, January 15.