This is with reference to a letter in your daily on 23rd of January 2009 regarding phone number 042-5114543 from Asia Jan from Lahore. In this letter regarding the outstanding bills of PTCL, the customer claimed to have received the bill which she, unfortunately, did not pay as she was visiting abroad. On her return after a lapse of ten months, she found an accumulated bill with Rs. 10,695 as outstanding. As per policy and procedure of PTCL the customer was regularly followed up and bills were sent at the customer's address. Due to non-payment the number was temporarily closed in May 08 with the extension of incoming facility for the next two months. The service was terminated on the expiry of extended period as the customer did not pay the outstanding dues. Hence the record was transferred to defaulter section for initiating recovery process as per the company policy. It is important to mention here that to avoid any such inconvenience the monthly bills should be paid within due dates. -PTCL, Islamabad, January26.