The valley of Swat and its people have sustained a very big loss in each and every aspect and phase of life during the last one and a half year of turmoil but the irreparable loss inflicted on the education side has been done deliberately. The damage done to economy, tourism etc will be repaired, restored and reorganised in one way or the other in the future but the harm which has been done to the field of education will not be possible to recover in the years to come. About 188 schools have been destroyed and this has continued mercilessly till today. Presently, the number of the destroyed and demolished schools for girls is 122 and 61 for boys. Most of the schools that have been completely ruined and razed to the ground were constructed during the hay days of the ex-state rule. Now it is feared that the government will find it very hard to reconstruct them in the prevailing conditions. After the threat by the local Talibans all the girl's school in Swat have been closed for an indefinite period due to which the future of 80,000 female students and 8,000 female teachers has been jeopardised. In this way thousands of children both boys and girls have been deprived of the kind care of their Alma Maters. What can be a greater tragedy for the people of Swat than depriving their children from the basic right of acquiring education. I am sure that whosoever has done this heinous and atrocious act can never be considered to be a friend of the people of Swat. Such a person can never claim to be an aborigine and indigenous to the valley of Swat. If this is the act of local Talibans then they are committing a hateful and loathsome deed in the name of Islam and Shariah which can never be forgiven by history. If they believe in Islamic dictates and think themselves to be practical Muslims, then how can they deviate from the saying of the Holy Prophet (PBUH): "Seeking knowledge is the duty of each and every Muslim man and woman." The problem of Swat is not a difficult one. If the government declares to enforce the Islamic Law in Malakand Division then there will be no other choice or grievance for the militants and peace will be restored in the area. Moreover, in case the government wants to establish its writ then it will not be a matter of days but of hours for the well-discipline and well-equipped forces of Pakistan. As a final word, I would say that the aim of the militants cannot be to establish and restore law and order in the area but to create chaos, anarchy and lawlessness for their vested interests for which they make the inhabitants of Swat 'scapegoats' and the beautiful valley of Swat 'a slaughter house'. This must be stopped with an iron hand and the government must make a serious effort as fast as possible. E-mail: