It appears all the top men in Islamabad are into playing some kind of 'card' now; the President is addressing people everywhere in Punjabi and Prime Minister in Seraiki. I hope they realize what a fatal political blunder they are making, besides, being in violation of the constitution. The constitution accords status of the national language to Urdu alone, which is one language that is understood through out the length and breadth of the country. The media is also playing havoc with the country by giving publicity to anti-state, ethnic elements. Within the last few months, the word 'South Punjab' has started appearing in papers, just like North and South Korea, two countries which have the same people but are divided by a line of hatred. In case the President or PM go to Quetta, what language would they speak, since both of them cannot speak Balochi? If they speak Urdu, the Sardars would probably accuse them of being 'Punjabis' causing more ethnic hatred. I pray to God that He saves this country and may His wrath be upon leaders who are destroying this beautiful country. -ZAFAR ISRAR, Karachi, January 24