No heavens fell if the bidders in the Indian Premier League (IPL) did not bid for the Pakistani players in the auction held for the current year's tournament. I am shocked by all the hue and cry being raised by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), the Minister for Sports and other officials of the ministry on this non- issue. Let it be known that the IPL is purely a private enterprise sponsored by the Indian Cricket Board. Since the tournament is not a part of the ICC's international cricket calendar, it is not incumbent on the PCB to protest against our players' ouster from it. Mr Ijaz Butt, the Chairman PCB, is making a fool of himself and the whole nation by lodging such frenzied protests and threatening to raise the issue in the next meeting of the ICC. The government of India has said it has a hands-off approach to the issue. It hardly seems believable, though, that the Indian government and its cricket board were not involved in the decision. We have been discarded on account of our bad relations with both. The third reason may be our team's deplorable performance in international cricket. Rather than moaning and crying over the IPL issue, we should better be on our own feet now and act as if we do not care. -RAFI NASIM, Lahore, January 23