Once again, there is a constitutional breakdown in the country caused by a judicial crisis. The circumstances are leading us towards another March 9 or March 16, whatever have you, that this nation can ill-afford. The Supreme Court gave a popular decision on the issued of malafide NRO but the executive branch is not enforcing the verdict as it injures their prime interest to act upon this historical verdict. The lawyers have shown their intention to start yet another movement to get the SC judgement enforced. That is alarming. President Zardari has already some ill will with the judiciary due to his having refused to appoint the judges that supported restoration of the CJP. This new issue can cause a serious clash between Presidency and the higher Judiciary. I request the executive to act upon the verdict of SC and enforce it in true spirit to save the country from a debilitating crisis. -MUNEEB ZAFAR BAJWA, Sialkot, January 25