ISLAMABAD - The continuous mismanagement on part of the administration of the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) has left a number of important medical equipments in different departments out of order including closure of two operation theatres since a long time back. PIMS, the major public sector hospital of the Capital is being run under severe negligence as the hospital has failed to offer important tests and surgical facilities to patients. According to sources, Endosopic Retrograde Cholangio Pancreatography (ERPC), Fluoroscopy machine in the Radiology Department and around 10 dialysis machines in Nephrology Department are not working, causing problems for the poor patients. ERPC is a test used to detect any diseases or irregularities in the bile or pancreatic ducts. The examination may be used to locate, and in some cases remove, gallstones stuck in the bile duct. It is also possible to reveal cancer, infections and cirrhosis of the liver through this test. Two operation theatres were closed long ago as some cleanliness and repair was required but they have not been opened for conducing surgeries so far. Moreover, laser surgery facility for removing stones in the kidney is also not available after the machine went out of order and patients are being advised by the hospital administrations to go for the traditional surgery, which is not only complicated but painful as well. According to the hospital sources, the administration has been asked several times to repair the faulty machines but owing to the non availability of funds, they pay no heed to the matter, thus leaving the patients to the mercy of private labs. The catchments area of PIMS is quite large and patients from far-flung areas ranging from Pakistan Occupied Kashmir to Jehlum come to PIMS for treatment. Patients especially those who reach PIMS from far-flung areas face the difficulties as it is not easy for them to come everyday. Due to the non-availability of test facilities, patients are compelled to carry out tests at private labs, paying double the amount as compared to the rates in public hospitals. The cost of ERCP test at a private lab is around Rs 8,000, which is unaffordable for a layman while in PIMS the test is carried only for Rs. 1,300. The price of the ERCP machine is Rs. 5 million. It is important to mention here that the ERCP machine is unavailable in other public sector hospitals of the capital. Same is the case with the test fluoroscopy as the test charges in PIMS varies from Rs. 300 to 600, whereas the price of the test at private labs ranges between RS 3000 to 6000. When the Acting Executive Director Dr Ghazala Mehmood was contacted in this regard, she said, PIMS has approved a request for purchasing new medical equipments by the Health Ministry through a special grant. The proposal is pending as it has to get a nod from the Finance division as well, and just as the PIMS administration would get the funding, it would purchase the required equipments on a priority basis she added.