The retired nuclear scientist turned part time columnist, Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, in his various writings and utterances continues to be critical of the whole Pakistani nation. It seems he has found a way to settle old scores with all those in the corridors of power that had mistreated him at one point or the other. That is not such a bad thing. But one may ask whose agenda he is trying to implement by creating despondency by subjecting the entire nation to epithets like "one of the most corrupt nation in the world that is full of intrigue and cheating". This is certainly no way of telling the people to learn a lesson from history. If he wishes to reform the society, he should better adopt some positive way of doing it. As it is, by condemning the people enmasse, he is ignoring the services of a lot of honourable people who have done great service to the nation and the country. The nuclear scientist turned part-time columnist must look around to see positive developments taking place here, there and everywhere before passing such sweeping remarks against the entire society and country. Criticism, as ruthless as this, is often counterproductive. -ASMAAR BILAL SHAIKH, Lahore, January 24