These days when we watch TV, all we see are things like the dried-up Indus River, massive corruption at the ICP, maidservant Shazia's barbaric murder, smuggling of animals to Afghanistan and other such hair-raising stories. Drone attack, IPL disgrace, bomb blasts, NRO judgment and reports on shortages (of virtually everything) is also a daily feature of our audience with the box. From time to time, we also get to see stories about lawlessness, anarchy and chaotic conditions that have already shaken the base of our country. Evening is the prime time for appearance of the shameless MNAs and MPAs of the ruling coalition for their usual (shameless) defense of their respective parties. That is a very large daily dose of misery, gloom and fear. What's going on? Nobody knows. The country is in the grip mass panic turned into mass hysteria. We are going through what we can call as the 'Qahar of Allah'. And yet we are seemingly desensitized to it all. I urge you, all my fellow countrymen, that we pray to Allah to bless us and forgive us. Pray that Allah teaches our people the path of righteousness. I am sure, when and if, Allah does shower His mercy, the likes of Fauzia Wahab would not come on TV to waste a whole hour telling people what a blessing it is to be ruled by Zardari. -AMJAD HABIB MIRZA, Lahore, January 24