LAHORE As over dozen victims of the suicide bombing in the city were buried amid tears and sobbing on Wednesday, the citizens are ready to face more suicide blasts in 2011. They say the corrupt political leaders are responsible for the massacre of innocent people. The situation will not improve at all until the Zardari-led government is ousted, said Sohail Afzal, a rickshaw driver, waiting for passengers at The Mall. The government failed on all fronts, he said, adding, they (leaders) were unable to control the situation. There is need for a great political leader. Only eviction of the present rulers from the power corridors could give some relief from the ongoing terror wave, said Mudassir Iqbal, 24-yrear-old salesman at a fast food outlet. Touqeer Ahmed Khan, 50, the manager at a leading wristwatch store at The Mall, said: Suicide bombing cant not be controlled till NATO and US forces leave Afghanistan. The terrorists network is very organised. The government is trying best to control the situation but it is helpless before the terrorists, Khan said. A 30-year-old policeman, deployed at The Mall Road, seeking anonymity said: The government has badly failed to control the menace of terrorism. Only revolution and a great leader can bring the country out of the present situation. The US, India and Jewish lobby were funding the terrorists. Khadim Hussain, 55, said: The government was responsible for the killings of innocent people. They (rulers) are involved in terrorism. They dont want peace. The leader of a country is like a father or guardian of a family. If he is corrupt then what can be expected from others. The terror attacks will multiply this year, said Mohammad Asif, an employee of a private firm. The Punjab government has not announced any compensation for the victims of Tuesdays bombing. More than 40 injured persons are still under treatment in various hospitals, and are dissatisfied with the treatment being provided to them. The politicians are visiting the hospitals for photo-shoots only as no compensation has been announced for the victims. Who will feed our kids?, said injured Muhammad Hashmat, resident of Vehari district. On Wednesday, funeral prayers of three policemen who were martyred in suicide attack on Tuesday night were offered at Qila Gujjar Singh Police Lines Headquarters. The Punjab Chief Minister and top police officers attended the funeral and paid rich tributes to the martyred of law enforcing agency. The bodies were later shifted to their native towns, where they were buried. The sons, daughters, widows and other close relatives of the deceased policemen were virtually in a state of shock and over the sudden killings of their loved-ones. All were the only breadwinners for their families.