When Altaf Bhai addresses his party cadre, men and women of all ages listen to him intently. With so much of following, why doesnt Bhai return to his own country instead of living in foreign land? The thought irks me a lot. Recently he said he would return to Pakistan in uniform which sounds ridiculous even thought a large majority in the country thinks his party is B-team of the establishment. Altaf Bhai never stir things when military dictators are in power; he only whips up trouble when the establishment pulls the strings. Pakistan is perhaps the only country where a party leader living in self-exile controls his party and its politics. Would any other country in the world allow such an activity? And why does the British government allow Bhai to indulge in politicking from its land? Would the British government tolerate any of its politicians to live in Pakistan and interfere in UK politics from here? Its time Altaf Bhai himself realised and returned to his country. Its also time the UK government realised and told Bhai to either stop interfering in politics of country he left behind for good or leave UK. MEHRAN LEGHARI, Lahore, January 26.