While having a walk in the CC sector Park of DHA, Lahore Cantt, I passed by a park attendant watering the lawns. He whispered to me that he had no atta in his house due to lack of funds as he was paid Rs. 5000 per month by the contractor which was spent by the end of month. After helping him with some money I worried about the plight of poor who get a lower salary than Rs. 7000 fixed by the government. Just compare the above situation with dishing out of Rs. 220 million to a scion of a politician as bribe reported in the Supreme Court of Pakistan. This is only tip of iceberg of corruption that is slowly sinking the tie-tank of government. The gross disparity between an honest labourer getting Rs. 5 thousand per month and politicians and their wards gobbling billions of rupees is a recipe for social disorder and collapse. It appears only the Apex Court is standing between a total failure of state of Pakistan, which needs to be taken seriously. DR. MUHAMMAD YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, January 25.