BRITONS are more likely to be skiing in Yorkshire than basking under palm trees, a leading climate change expert has warned as global warming will actually lead to Britain getting colder. Dr Simon Boxall, of the National Oceanography Survey, said that while the planet as a whole will get much warmer, this country will see temperatures plunge as the ocean currents and weather patterns around the world change. At the moment north west Europe, particularly Britain, is warmer than it should be because of the effect of the North Atlantic Drift bringing warm water from the Tropics. This then warms sea breezes which keep temperatures mild on land. But the process that causes this movement could be switched off by global warming if the Arctic heats up too much. It will mean colder, harsher winters similar to last month will become the norm and summers will become cooler and wetter. Researchers believe that the melting of glacial ice could be contributing to the ocean becoming less saline, or freshening, and warmer potentially leading to changes in the circulation of the seas. Currently cold water in the high Arctic sinks into the deep sea like a plug hole, pulling warmer water up from the Gulf Stream and giving north-west Europe its mild weather. TG