Goods worth millions burnt to ashes in a fire in two markets of Karachis important commercial area. The police in view of terrorism has registered a case. According to details, a fire suddenly broke out in a spare parts shop in Rafiq Plaza on M.A. Jinnah Road and a commercial market in Paradi Street on the midnight of Wednesday and Thursday. The fire intensified rapidly and it engulfed many neighboring shops as well. The fire brigade rushed to the scene and managed to control the fire after hectic efforts. No one was harmed in the fire, but goods worth millions burnt to ashes in the incident. EDO Municipal Services told that 24 fire brigades, 2 water dowsers and chemicals were used to extinguish the fore. According to police initial report the fire resulted due to short circuit however the proofs negate this theory. The initial report of the incident has been filed in Paradi police station. Police said that the fire could be a result of some sabotage as it is strange that how could two fires simultaneously engulf two markets It merits mentioning that the shop keepers of the area are facing threats of extortionist and they have also been given death threats.