PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif has categorically emphasized that either the government should implement the 10 point agenda or be ready to pack up and go home. In excerpts of an interview with a private TV channel to be released in detail tonight Nawaz Sharif said that the agenda is not to form his own government but has been formulated for the best of national interest. He said that the agenda would be implemented even if we have to hold midterm elections. Nawaz Sharif said that if the govt fails to implement his agenda than it would have to go home and another govt would complete its agenda. He said for a change either mid term election would be held or opposition parties inside the national assembly would form a govt together to fulfill this agenda. He said we have no desire to become a commander for implementation of this agenda. Our only purpose is to implement the agenda irrespective of who does it. He said that if govt fails to fulfill its promises in 45 days than we would announce our strategy.