In a surprising move, the Pakistan security officials have the other day foiled an attempt by the Indian intelligence to enact a fake terror act on the ceasefire line in Kashmir in order to implicate Pakistan in terrorism, and draw international pressure through lethal propaganda by its media and diplomatic channels. The plan was unearthed when a suspect was apprehended in a Sialkot border area while attempting to cross over to the Indian side through the heavily guarded border fence; which is not possible because the impregnable barbed wires entrance points are locked and controlled by the Indian Border Security Force itself. The man apprehended by the Pakistan officials has confessed during the interrogations that he is an Indian spy, and was tasked to recruit agents from Pakistan to work for the Indian intelligence agency, RAW. The incident provides yet another proof of how the Indians are deeply involved in stage-managing terror incidents to implicate Pakistan. Latest confessions of Hindu extremist leader Swami Aseemanand that he, along with Indian armys in-service Col Prohit and others, was involved in the February 2007 Samjhota Express bombing that killed 68 Pakistani passengers, are a proof enough. In this case, an Indian spy tried to cross into the Indian side. The suspect whose name has been withheld for security reasons disclosed that his Indian handlers, Mr. Sharma and Mr. Amjad, had tasked him to recruit a Pakistani national by offering a large monetary reward, preferably carrying a weapon and send him across the border through the barbed wire fence after informing the BSF troops. Mr. Sharma had assured him that all the details of border crossing would be finalized by him and duly taken care of at his end. The suspect also disclosed that the Indian Intelligence had planned a fake encounter to kill the border crosser and exploit the episode as proof of terrorists launched by ISI crossing over from Pakistan to commit acts of terrorism in India. He also said that he had held a few meetings with his Indian handlers in Islamabad as well. This arrest has pulled the lid off Indian spying networks in Pakistan and the existence of Indian agents or Pakistanis recruited by Indians. The episode also points to the involvement of Indian undercover agents stationed in its Islamabad embassy, engaging in espionage activities in grave violation of their diplomatic status. MARYA MUFTI, Lahore, January 26.