ISLAMABAD - Pakistan urged the Obama Administration on Wednesday to timely release of funds under both Coalition Support Fund and KLB Act direly needed to support fragile economy badly hit by war on terror as well as last year floods. Finance Minister Abdul Hafeez Sheikh informed the visiting Senior Adviser to US President and Senior Director for Economy, David Lipton, that stalling already agreed upon funds would not only render economic management as difficult but also check the momentum of war against terrorism. According to a senior official of the Finance Ministry, the Pakistani delegation told the Americans that the government was unable to shift entire burden of war on terror cost to the masses in terms of abrupt withdrawal of all kind of subsidies. Therefore, the subsidies on the fertilizers and utilities like oil, gas and electricity could only go in a gradual manner, the Finance Ministry told the US delegation. Thus the foreign assistance chiefly from the US was very vital at the current critical juncture of time, the official added. Meanwhile an official handout issued on the meeting stated that the Ministry of Finance briefed the adviser and his team on the mid-term economic review through a presentation. The presentation covered all the aspects and areas of current economic situation of the country, it added. The Pakistani side apprised the visiting delegation of the various measures both political and economic. The Finance Ministry updated the Americans about the governments parliamentary partys parleys with all the political parties in the Parliament on the emerging national issues as well as the economic matters. It was also briefed about the recommended measures including cut in the overall federal and provincial expenditure, due to which the budget deficit has lowered from 3.2 per cent to 3.0 per cent. During the course of the presentation, it was also noted that the exports will cross $20 billion or $ 22 billion and workforce remittances will touch $ 10 billion this year. It was also briefed about the recommended measures for the improvement of the economy and to put it on a developing track. It was told that these measures included the revival of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) programme for which Pakistani side was having parleys with political forces in the country. The foreign inflows at the moment are waiting for the passage of the IMF programme, and this will ease the pressure on domestic borrowings. The measures the government is taking include improved budget management and deferring subsidies on fertilizer. According to the official of the Finance Ministry, the US delegation would give its supportive or otherwise view to the IMF that is to dispatch its pre-review mission early next week.