Though, the chaos prevailing on roads, streets and virtually every corner of the country may not strictly speaking be described as anarchy, it is evident that whatever it is, it sure is much worse. The ongoing spate of deadly bomb blasts, with the latest ones occurring in Lahore and Karachi in quick succession, on Tuesday that claimed a total of 19 precious lives and injured dozens is a monstrous injustice that cannot be condemned through words alone. The bomber in Lahore like in most of the cases was a 15-year old boy who had tied a 12-kg explosive jacket, apparently not having the faintest idea of the sordid act he was going to commit, blew himself at a police check post in Urdu Bazaar area. The police believe his target was either the Data Gunj Bukhshs shrine or the Chelum procession of Hazrat Imam Hussain. The blast in Karachi was of a similar nature in which a suicide bomber while trying to blow up a bus with Shias on board, detonated the bomb upon contact with a police van. That the Shia community was the likely target shows that it was an attempt to fuel sectarian strife. The police officers who sacrificed their lives in the line of duty, no doubt deserve a great deal of appreciation but shame on the leadership that the country has who while making every arrangement to secure their own lives is cruel enough to ignore the safety of the common man. What could be expected of a leadership that is selfish to the point of caring the least about dreadful waste of human life. Our rulers have large convoys of bullet proof cars, truckloads of commandoes, airports and highways sealed to facilitate their movement. This is the world they live in where ordinary man or his problems and worries figure nowhere. It is this VIP culture that has held the entire populace hostage. The role of police and the law enforcement agencies, even intelligence apparatus has been confined to protecting only the VIPs. The most obvious example of this is the proportion of police force, countrywide that is now performing protocol duties for government big shots. There are other factors as well that are contributing towards our decline. One wonders why dont the rulers realise that the Americans are making us dig our own grave through pitting the army against its own countrymen. Why dont we ponder over the fact that the tribesmen were largely peaceful before the government allied itself with the US in its so-called war on terror. These are all questions that should haunt the leadership. It is the duty of the elected representatives to devise ways and means to bring stability to the country. But it is a crying shame that whether on TV screens or in the national legislature, they try to pass the buck instead of practically taking steps to equip the law-enforcement with the skills and expertise needed to secure peoples lives. It is finally time for the leadership and the rulers to sit together and reflect on the disastrous abyss that they have led the country into.