USMAN CHEEMA ISLAMABAD - The Pakistan State Oil is causing a huge loss to the power sector by not complying with its commitment made with PEPCO that the former would supply at least 23000 tons furnace oil to power companies but it is just supplying 15000-17000 tons per day. An official of the Ministry of Water and Power termed the present loadshedding in the country totally unnecessary if PSO is delivering fuel as per commitment. While fuel oil based plants requirements is over 34000 tons per day, the port capacity is estimated to be 25000 tons and PSO handling facilities are capable of delivering 23000 tons per day but the said company is not delivering even the said quantity. The official said that this reason was causing at least 2000 MW lesser energy generation in the country. He also said that during this winter the energy shortfall on the average remained 2400 megawatt so if the fuel was available, the country would be facing only 400-MW shortfall even during peak times. PSO had made pledges to supply 23000 tons fuel per day in a meeting held on Dec 16 under the chairmanship of then Secretary Finance but it didnt deliver the said quantity for even a single day. Managing Director PEPCO also reminded MD PSO regarding the commitment and also mentioned that power sector was facing troubles due to canals closure as well and it desperately needed the fuel supply but PSO authorities are paying any heed to the situation. The MD PEPCO also had asked PSO that when the company has paid Rs 45 billion to PSO, then why it was not supplying fuel to power companies. The said amount was the required funds by PSO and PEPCO met their requirement to ensure un-interrupted fuel supply but in wane. It will be appreciated if the fuel supply of 23000 tons per day, particularly 7000 tons per day to HUBCO and 5000 tons per day to KAPCO is ensured by PSO, MD PECO wrote in his letter but the results are still the same and the masses have to suffer from load shedding.