LAHORE Punjab Ombudsman has directed all the educational boards of the province and the universities to expose those involved in serious cases of cheating/fraud during examination. He further directed not to hold ex-parte proceedings of the cases relating to the use of unfair means without giving the accused opportunity to defend himself. On a complaint filed by one Nasir Ali grieving that his intermediate certificate stands missing and board was not issuing the same. The ombudsman also required the boards to issue notice through Press in case vague address or no response is available from the accused candidate. He further directed the boards and the universities to expose those involved in serious cases of fraud/impersonation, about their disqualification/cancellation of results through Press in order to deter others from resorting to such practices. It is right of the public to know those who obtained certificates/degrees using illegitimate means, he observed. The complainant has applied for his duplicate intermediate certificate and in response to it, the board said, His intermediate result has been quashed several years ago on the charges of using unfair means. The Board informed him that the complainant was accused of exchanging his blank answer sheets/papers with one Asadullah Baig, who had already passed the intermediate examination, sitting next to him in the sequence of roll numbers. Later, the board quashed result of the complainant in ex-parte proceedings which were conducted after it failed to secure his appearance despite repeated notices and bogus address of the complainant. The complainant on the other hand, obtained further education on the basis of intermediate certificate and got a government job as well.