LAHORE - In response to Punjab governments plan of rightsizing and consequently saving Rs 6 billion, the PMS Officers Association has proposed a plan to save Rs 80bn per annum, which includes Rs 30bn through curtailment of various expenditures, and revenue reforms to generate more than Rs 50bn per annum. President of the Association Rai Manzoor Hussain presented the plan, which was unanimously approved by his elected associates. The plan for saving the amount is virtually through unnecessary expenses, which are being mainly used by the DMG officers. Steps include one vehicle use for every officer, controlled spending on repair of official residences, reduction of houses to one kanal only, sending all non-APUG officers to the federal govt, abolish project allowances, banning of officers with dual nationality, avoiding of frequent transfers of officers since it involves huge amount in transfer grants and doing away with erratic postings. Among other steps include completion of projects within stipulated time, computerisation of medical bills to reasonable amounts, conversion of all official vehicles to CNG from petrol, application of leave rule across the board, send 'on-course officers back to Islamabad, officers be given targets for rewards or punishments, send OSDs back to the Centre, training of PCS/PSS officers through MPDD instead of the NMC. The PCS/PMS Association has requested the Punjab Chief Minister to give an appointment to explain the plan. Only one month is required for implementation. At present, the PD of computerisation project in the Board of Revenue has taken, so far, about Rs 9 million only in the name of project allowance. We dont ask for any additional allowance, avers Rai Manzoor.