An educated and economically stable electorate plays an important role in electing right people for running the political and economic affairs of a country. In other words, it is the educated and mindful electorate which, through its free will, decides as to which person/politician should be given the vote for changing the destiny of its nation. Amongst other pre-requisites of a true democratic culture, it is also very important that the electorate of such a country should be mindful of its rights and duties. In other words, an educated electorate is the basis or foundation for any democratic set up. In the case of Pakistan, we cannot expect of illiterate and poverty-ridden population to elect their representatives out of their free will. If we have to free our electorate from the shackles of Nawabs, Maliks, Khans, Pirs, Chaudhris, feudal lords, big industrialists, etc, then we have to educate our electorate besides making them economically sound and independent. Otherwise, in all the future elections, like the previous ones, our current docile and illiterate electorate would be electing the same faces and families. ABDUL SAMAD SAMO, Karachi, January 26.