LONDON - The Association of Pakistani Lawyers (APL), a team of Pakistani origin lawyers, solicitors, barristers, and judges in the UK, has termed the British governments control order regime totally unfit in the prevailing circumstances ahead of publication of the report following a review of security laws by Lord Macdonald. Chairman APL Barrister Amjad Malik while talking to TheNation here welcomed independent reviewer of the British government for counter terrorism and security power Lord Macdonalds remarks that some laws and powers 'did go too far, and that the time is not the same and we have experience in hand so proper review may enable the coalition government with a better replacement addressing the concerns of all stake holders. APL further welcomed the age of detention without charge to go to 14 days and the proposed tightening of 'stop and search measures only in a narrow and specific events such as London Olympic games 2012 which will alleviate the concerns of human rights.