LAHORE - The University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Animal Genetics lab has completed a state-of-the-art set up and optimised the testing techniques for clinical cytogenetic analysis to offer cytogenetic diagnostic and testing services to livestock industry including livestock farms, breeders of farm livestock, equine and pet breeders. These are fundamental tests for all animals to ascertain that they are free from any genetic defects at chromosomal level because any chromosomal abnormalities in livestock, equines and pets cause a significant number (10pc) of infertility, reproductive problems, spontaneous abortions and still births in these animals. These problems ultimately cost in billions to the livestock and animal breeding industry in the country but remain unnoticed. In Pakistan the application of this very simple and basic genetic testing has been overlooked for long time and the hard work of AGL research team has successfully achieved expertise to offer this genetic testing service to public and private livestock, equine and pet breeders, farmers and keepers.