A wave of bombings left 40 people dead and dozens wounded Thursday in different Baghdad neighborhoods, the Interior Ministry said. At least 37 people were killed and 78 others wounded when a parked car bomb detonated near a funeral tent in the predominantly Shiite neighborhood of Shula in northwestern Baghdad. A roadside bomb exploded next to a police patrol in southern Baghdad, killing a civilian and wounding seven people, including three police officers. In another attack in southeastern Baghdad, a roadside bomb exploded near a government convoy. It missed the convoy but killed one civilian and wounded three others. In central Baghdad, a roadside bomb exploded on a busy road, killing one civilian and wounding four others. The blasts came after Wednesday night's assassination of three government employees by gunmen using pistols equipped with silencers in three neighborhoods in Baghdad. Two of the three government employees worked at Iraq's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the third employee worked at the Ministry of Housing and Reconstruction.