LAHORE (PPI) - The artificial limbs are not reachable for the disable persons due to high cost while the manufacturers are paying over 40 percent duties and taxes over the import of material being used in artificial limbs. Special people who are already living below poverty line have to pay all these extraordinary taxes, duties and manufacturing cost. According to World Health Organization (WHO), 10pc world and 2.5pc of countrys population is suffering from disabilities. Such large number of countrys handicapped population cannot pay high prices of artificial limbs as mostly artificial limbs are being imported from USA and European countries. Most of the companies in Pakistan are just assembling parts. Though Government has exempted duties on artificial parts and FBR had offered special relief but law is being applying on finished parts or artificial limbs only and not being applied on the import of material used in manufacturing the artificial limbs. Hope Rehabilitation Society President and artificial limbs expert Dr Khalid Niazi talking on duties and taxes being charged on artificial limbs, said that they are paying 20pc Custom Duty, 17pc GST and 3.5pc Income Tax on import of limbs material. He said due to high price of imported limbs, only rich people can afford modern artificial limbs. If we start this technology in country we can save a huge foreign exchange.