PESHAWAR - Criticising the incumbent government, Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), Khyber Pakhtunkhwa chapter, General Secretary, Shabbir Ahmad Khan observed Saturday that the ‘so-called’ nationalist rulers broke all the records of corruption.

He said the JI would pull the country and get the masses rid of the US ‘mentors’ if it came into power. “People did never see such corrupt rulers in the recent history of the country,” JI leader Shabbir alleged while addressing a public gathering here at Wazir Bagh area on Saturday. He added that the so-called nationalist government has completely failed to deliver and ensure protection to the lives and properties of the poor masses.

He also alleged that the country is faced with great economic challenges due to the wrong economic policy of the incumbent government, adding that the sky-rocketing prices of daily use commodities have turned the lives of the poor masses strangled. While the existing worsening law and order situations have also put the masses in a dilemma, as people have all the time are in a fear, he maintained.  He also alleged that both the PPP-led central and ANP-led provincial government were busy in bargaining to get dollars from America at the expanse of the stability and sovereignty of the country.

The JI former MNA vowed to get the country and its masses rid from the clutches of the existing corrupt politicians and bring all the looted money of the masses from foreign banks and spend it on the welfare of the masses. He warned the national and international forces in power to stop conspiracy against the religious seminaries and Muslim Ummah in Pakistan. Other JI leaders also addressed the gathering.

Anwarullah Khan from Bajaur Agency adds: Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), Fata chapter, Ameer Sahibzada Haroon Rashid on Saturday demanded of the government to stop military operation in the tribal areas and said that the government should resolved the conflict with negotiations because the use of force has increased the insurgency in Fata. He was addressing as chief guest at a reference arranged by JI Bajaur chapter to pay tribute to JI’s former Amir Late Qazi Hussain Ahmed here at Madrsa Ahyaol-oloom. Haroon Rashid said that the law and order situation of the country particularly in KPK and Fata are in very critical stage due to the government’s wrong policies and bad governance. “The government has failed to restored the law and order in the province and the tribal areas in which the life of every citizen are unsafe,” he added.

Haroon Rashid said that the government should realize the problems and hurdles of the people and take bold step for the restoration of peace in the tribal area. He said that the government should immediately stop the military operation in the tribal areas because the bad law and order situation and increasing of insurgency was the main caused of uses of force in the area. “The government should start dialogue with the militants for the restoration of peace because only use of force cannot eliminate the militancy in FATA,” he said.