At least 61 persons were killed and scores wounded during the three days of fierce fighting between two outlawed groups of militants Ansarul Islam and Tahrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) which are still continuing unabated in the valley of Khyber Agency here.

Sources said that the fighting between the two militant groups began Friday, when the militants from TTP captured the base of another militant group Ansarul Islam, who tried to re-take the base and fighting continues till the third-day on Sunday.

At least 61 persons have been killed and scores wounded in three days of fighting with heavy arms on both sides that has forced hundreds of families leaving their hearths and homes for safer places.

Ansarul Islam vowed not to let TTP making hideouts in the valley under their control. They do not support the terror activities of TTP in Pakistan and, therefore, they are resisting the TTP onslaught in the Tirah valley, said the sources close to Ansarul Islam.

The remote valley, tucked in mountainous terrain, is highly valued by militant groups as a base of operations. It's difficult for the Pakistani military to enter the area, which allows militants easy access to Afghanistan and other tribal areas of Pakistan.

Most of the dead were militants, but some local tribesmen also were killed, local sources said.