It is beyond my comprehension as to why there is a craze in our society for buying imported things, not only is this done at the cost of neglecting locally produced items but it also damages our economy. Whenever we go to the market we emphasize on buying imported items. There are scores of good quality items which are produced in our country but we ignore them and purchase only imported items. Why don’t we buy locally produced items? The secret to the success of the Chinese nation has been that its citizens prefer and purchase locally made items only; there are very few items that China allows to be imported.

When we buy locally produced items the demand for such items increases which will help in buying such items at a comparatively cheap cost against the one that we offer for an imported item. This will also give a boost to our local industries.

By simply saying that “I love my country” wont reflect our patriotism unless we start loving and buying our locally produced items our stated patriotic sentence will be treated as mere eye-wash. True patriotism reflects through practical approach and not through giving superficial patriotic statements. If we have to be a true Pakistani, then we must buy our locally produced items.


Karachi, January 16.