SADIQABAD - The consumers of electricity see no change to their life of hardship due to more than 20-hour a day loadshedding in Sadiqabad despite the newly elected Punjab governor’s repeated directives to the Mepco not to carry out more than 8-hour loadshedding.

The prolonged and crippling loadshedding is irritating the people especially traders whose businesses have been closed down while the domestic consumers are also facing difficulties. Moreover, the Mepco personnel amidst the prolonged loadshedding are sending inflated bills to the consumers by including excessive number of units in the bills, thereby adding to their miseries.

Because of the nasty situation, the common pubic especially the businessmen would hold protest demonstration in Sadiqabad, announced the representatives of various organisations. 

“To facilitate influential community, comparative less loadshedding is being carried out in the Jinnah Town Feeder while the whole city is in ordeal,” said Anjuman Tajraan Sadiqabad office-bearers.

Anjuman President Khalid Saleem, Secretary General Ehsanul Haq and other leader organisations’ leaders Sadiq Javed, Abdul Azia, Meraj Muhammad, Tanzim Ulema Ahle Sunnat President Fazal Mehmood Haidari, businessmen Abdullah, Mehmoodul Hassan, Younus, Ashraf, Anwar and Rafiq told the media that Mepco was committing an act of oppression and cruelty towards the people of Sadiqabad.

The protesters threatened the Mepco Rahim Yar Khan chief executive officer  and Sadiqabd Mepco executive engineer to immediately stop the prolonged loadshedding and inflated billing else they would hold protest against the government across the tehsil.

On the other side, Punjab Governor Syed Ahmad Mehmood again took a notice of the situation and directed the Mepco not to carry out more than eight-hour loadshedding in the region, else a strict action would be taken against the Mepco officials.

Governor’s aide Tariq Mehmood told the media that the governor had been sensitised to the situation faced by the local people in the wake of prolonged loadshedding.

He said that because of the governor’s intervention, the people would get rid of the hardships they are facing due to outages.