KARACHI - Maj Gen Azhar Mahmood Kayani, a renowned cardiologist and Director General of Medicine Pakistan Armed Forces has introduced a handy kit that could save a person’s life from dying of sudden heart attack.

The “Kit” comprises of Tablet Disprin (four); Tablet Angisid (four) and Deponit NT5 skin patch (one).

The worthy professor has elaborated that if one feels sudden tightness and pain in centre of chest, radiating to left arm or both sides of neck, accompanied by sweating and uneasiness, one is likely to be in a state of heart attack.

In the given situation immediate measures required to be taken are chewing and swallowing one Disprin tablet immediately, keeping one Angisid tablet under the tongue and peeling of the thin plastic side of the patch and sticking the medicated hard side of the Deponit NT5 skin patch on the left side of the chest, near the armpit where there are no hair.

The items of this kit cost a little and without any specific expert handling can definitely save a person from dying immediately of a heart attack. It has also been strictly advised that the patient must be taken to the hospital immediately with due care that he or she undergoes no physical exertion or stress (even if he is feeling OK). 

Maj.Gen Azhar Mahmood Kayani emphasized that the patient should be carried and not made to walk or climb stairs etc.

He said that on way to hospital the patient should keep coughing vigorously every few seconds as is normally done to clear the phlegm from the chest in the morning while brushing one’s teeth.

It was advised that every individual, above 40 years should carry this kit inside one’s pocket, and also keep one handy near his or her bed and in the car glove compartment.