ISLAMABAD  - Dysfunctional filtration plants installed by Capital Development Authority (CDA) in the federal capital may cause diseases, as they are not maintained and are supplying contaminated water.

CDA has set up many filtration plants, but they are no more beneficial for the people as they are not checked regularly and human wastes were found in the water obtained from some filtration plants.

When conacted, Member Science Pakistan Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (PCSIR), Dr. S S Tahir confirmed and said 45 per cent of filtration plants in the federal capital are providing contaminated water, which is used by 75 per cent of the citizens.

He said many filtration plants are providing contaminated water. It is pertinent to mention that some filtration plants are dysfunctional either due to their damaged taps or taps were stolen.

Talking to this news agency, the Spokesperson Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR) Lubna Naheed said PCRWR has also developed low cost water testing and treatment technologies, which include field-testing kits for basic drinking water quality parameters, arsenic removal technologies and chlorinators for water purification etc.

She said the development and installation of 24 low cost water conditioning and filtration plants for provision of safe drinking water to the public is in progress.

Eight plants have been installed at Islamabad, Fatehjang, Sahiwal, Sialkot, under the project “Provision of Safe Drinking Water”.

The results of various investigations and surveys by several agencies have indicated, that water pollution has become a serious problem in Pakistan.

Most of the reported health problems are directly or indirectly related to water quality.

The quantitative and qualitative concerns related to water, call for an action plan for efficient development, utilization and monitoring of the water resources of the country.

Citizens demand ban on ads displaying Indian models

 The citizens of the twin cities have expressed concerns over the display of advertisements with Indian models saying that the Pakistani players and film stars are kicked out and even threatened not to participate in any event in India.

Talking to INP, the citizens deplored the attitude of Pakistan government and Capital Development Authority (CDA) after tension erupted at the Line of Control. They said that giant billboards displaying Indian models could be seen everywhere in the twin cities despite the fact that Pakistani artists and players were not only threatened but kicked out of India.

Muhammad Shahzad, a student of Federal Urdu University/, said, “We should ban such advertisements after witnessing bitter Indian mindset towards our people. But, we are rather lenient and don’t even feel to do something in this connection”.

Shahid Azim, a government employee, said that it seems there was no local model or advertising agency in the country as most of international brands have ads of Indian film stars and models.

“Our approach should be ‘tit for tat’. Ads with Indian models and film stars have manipulated TV commercials and billboards in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Until our people are accepted and allowed to participate in any activity across the border, the government should consider the issue,” said a student, Shazia Rafiq.

When contacted, Capital Development Authority (CDA) spokesperson Ramzan Sajid said that Municipal Directorate of the capital’s civic body scrutinise all the advertisements, adding that CDA strictly follows its policy of discouraging improper ads.