ISLAMABAD – The food exports of the country during first half of financial year 2012-13 increased by 4.82 per cent as compared to same period of last year.  The exports of overall food group were recorded at US $2.054 million during July-December (2012-13) against the exports of US$ 1.959 million during July-Dec (2011-12).

According to data of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), the food exports from the country on month on month basis also increased by 14.34 per cent and 18.01 per cent during December 2012 when compared with December 2011 and November  2012 respectively.  The food exports increased from US$ 384.493 million in December 2011 and US$ 374.465 million in November 2012 to US$ 441.923 million in December 2012.

The major food items which recorded increase in their exports during the first six months of current financial year over same period of last year include sugar (100%), meat and meat preparations (43.74%), fish and fish preparations (2.64%), vegetables (38.28%), spices (25.07%), oil seeds, nuts and kernels (41.6%) and all other food items (17.31%). Similarly the food items which recorded decrease in their exports include rice (12.33%), fruits (1.77%), pulses (56.68%), tobacco (40.91%) and wheat (61.49%).

The overall exports from the country witnessed growth of 7.58 per cent during the period July-December (2012-13) as compared to same period of last year.  Exports from the country during July-December (2012-13) were recorded at US$ 12.0513 billion against the exports of US$ 11.201 billion during the same period of last year.