KARACHI - The leaders of different political and religious parties belonging to the opposition have warned that if presence of army personnel during ongoing voters’ verification would not be ensured and intervention of MQM during the said process could not be stopped, then electoral rolls would not be accepted.

This was stated by leaders of different political and religious parties during their addresses to participants of a sit-in held outside Provincial Election Commission (ECP) office on Saturday.

The sit-in was participated by Central Naib Ameer of Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Pakistan Sirajul Haq, JI Karachi Ameer Muhammad Hussain Mahenti, Ali Akbar Gujjar, Hafeezuddin, Mustaqeem Noorani, Matloob Awan, Gulzar Soomro, Muhammad Ghayyas and others.

A number of political workers of different parties, including women and children, also participated in the sit-in.

Speaking on the occasion, Sirajul Haq said if the army was not ready to take part in voters’ verification process, then it means that the pre-poll rigging had started before the elections.

“If the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC), Fakruddin G Ibrahim, wants to hold transparent elections, then he should remove reservations of the people”, he added.

He said if someone tries to sabotage Pakistan, then it would ahould be considered as an attempt to change the Pakistan according to the map of the US.

He further said Pakistan came into being due to a democratic struggle, but the country had divided into two due to dictator mindset.

“If the PPP was considering the suggestions of majority in 1971, then 80,000 army personnel were not sent into prison,” he said while adding now once again a conspiracy was being hatched to create such type of situation in the country.

He further said bloodshed was continuing in Balochistan and tribal areas. He said Karachi was also being held hostage by terrorists, but 180 million people of the country were with the people of Karachi.

JI Karachi Ameer Muhammad Hussain Mahenti said all institutions had been destroyed, as the government had given a free hand to the MQM.

“Electoral process has also been taken hostage by the MQM, adding presently, the Election Commission had become useless.”

Mahenti said the SC has termed the voters’ lists ‘bogus’ and ordered to carry out voters’ verification process in the presence of Army personnel, but unfortunately, the electoral rolls have again been prepared in the supervision of MQM.

 “Bloodshed is being continued in Karachi, but no one was ready to take up any step to stop the killings of innocent people,” he said, adding that killers who were arrested being released like ‘Ajmal Pahari’.

He said the election commission was equally responsible for targeted killings of innocent people, as it was not implementing the verdict of Supreme Court. “We will not accept electoral lists being prepared in the absence of army personnel. We will start the movement in the next phase if the demands were not meet”, he added.

Ali Akbar Gujjar said that all the parties were united against pre-poll rigging in the voters’ verification process. Syed Hafeezuddin said it seemed that the Election Commission had handed over the voters’ verification process to MQM.

Maulana Muhammad Ghayyas said that the sit-in was an ultimatum to the government adding these sit-ins will continue and extend further, if their demands could not meet.

Mustaqeem Noorani said that the EC and government are supervision MQM in the process of voters’ verification.

Matloob Awan said that the provincial government has failed to restore law and order in the city. He demanded the dismissal of Sindh Chief Minister and Federal Interior Minister.

Mazhar Rahoja said that more than 40,000 people have been murdered since 1988, but no one was ready to take step against the killers.

Gulzar Soomro said that the MQM was the creation of the dictatorship adding it makes the people of Karachi hostage on gun point.

Maulana Ghulam Mustafa Farooqui said that the external hands through a plan conspiracy create instability in the city and the country.