ISLAMABAD (IMRAN MUKHTAR ANDKASWAR KLASRA) - A murder FIR of NAB investigation officer Kamran Faisal was registered in a police station in Islamabad on Saturday, eight days after his body was found hanging from a ceiling fan at his Federal Lodges residence.

It came a day after the Supreme Court on Friday showed serious concerns over non-registration of a formal First Information Report (FIR) of the mysterious death of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) officer, causing both police and the bureau to spring into action. Moreover, authorities had reportedly decided to interrogate all concerned senior officers of the bureau and some politicians.

Secretariat Police confirmed that FIR no 06/13 had been registered against unknown murderers under Section 302 of Pakistan Penal Code on the written complaint of NAB officer Noman Aslam, who is working as Director Coordination to NAB Chairman Admiral (r) Fasih Bokhari.

But NAB’s becoming complainant in the case, instead of family of the deceased, has compounded the confusion by giving rise to more serious legal questions. Many legal experts say that NAB, being a complainant, at any time might withdraw from the case under pressure from powerful quarters.

Kamran was probing high-profile US$5 billion rental power projects (RPPs) scam and the 16 accused included Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf against whom the Supreme Court had issued arrest orders to the NAB just days before the ill-fated investigator was found dead.

Police did not lodged FIR on the ground that the doctors in the post-mortem report had declared the death a suicide. But the family of the deceased, his friends and colleagues rejected both the police claims and the post-mortem report. Since his death, the media has been rife with conspiracy theories supporting the impression that Kamran was murdered to save skin of the influential accused.

In the application filed with police, NAB officer Noman Aslam stated that Kamran was murdered and he did not commit suicide. “He was found dead in his Federal Lodges’ room on January 18. His heirs and majority of the people think that he was murdered, therefore the police should investigate the incident,” the officer stated in the FIR.

On the other hand, a four-member police team on Saturday visited Kamran’s family in his native village 129/15L in Mian Channu. The four-member team comprising Inspector Mubarik Ali, Women Police Station SHO Sadaf and two other officers met Kamran’s father Hamid, his mother, wife and other family members to get their statements. Hamid gave a written statement to the police team.

Kamran’s death came a day after the NAB Chairman Admiral (r) Fasih Bokhari told the Supreme Court it did not have enough evidence to arrest the prime minister, following the court’s January 15 arrest order in the case of massive corruption in RPPs.

Launching an inquiry into the death on Thursday, the Supreme Court formed a two-member bench and issued notices to NAB chairman and other senior officials, seeking CCTV footage from federal offices. It was learnt that the Supreme Court investigation will continue in parallel to the judicial inquiry ordered by the interior ministry on Sunday.

Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry said there were concerns that the inquiry ordered by the government would not be free and fair. “His family members, colleagues, friends and the public at large have shown annoyance and grievances... They are not expecting a free, fair and honest investigation because of the involvement of highly influential political and executive authorities,” the CJP said.

The police on Saturday submitted its preliminary report on Kamran’s death in the court. A record of calls made to and from Kamran’s mobile phone and a post mortem report were also attached to the police report. The preliminary report contains an application by an official of the bureau to register an FIR on the investigator’s death along with statements of NAB officials and employees of the hostel where Kamran Faisal had been staying. It said the police was still awaiting the forensic report.

The two-member bench of the Supreme Court consisting of Justice Jawad S Khawaja and Justice Khilji Arif Hussain while hearing the Kamran Faisal death case had issued notices to NAB Chairman and other government functionaries concerned including Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), ICT Police and medical superintendent of Polyclinic Hospital Islamabad and had sought relevant records from them. The bench would resume hearing of the case on Monday.

The NAB would provide a copy of the transcript of videoconference of NAB chairman that he held with all region offices of the bureau after the death of Faisal and CCTV footage of happenings in the bureau between January 15 and 18 along with entry log book. The NAB officials are filtering the CCTV footage before submitting it to the apex court, the source added. However, no official word came from the NAB despite sending of a questionnaire by this newspaper to the NAB spokesman through his official e-mail.

Earlier, it was learnt that the NAB cancelled weekly holidays of its officials in order to prepare report on Kamran’s death. An informed source said that senior officers of the bureau including NAB chairman remained busy in their offices on Saturday to prepare the report that were to be submitted in the court. It was also learnt that the investigation team had got CCTV footage from NAB’s regional office, but sources said there was no facility of CCTV at Kamran Faisal’s official residence, Federal Lodges.

Moreover, Federal Police has written a letter to Punjab government asking the latter to furnish the forensic report early so that the scope of investigation could be broadened. Earlier on January 23, Punjab Forensic Agency received the samples from body of the deceased NAB officer.

Sajid Ali who was a roommate of Kamran Faisal has recorded his statement to police. He said that he had never seen any laptop under the use of Kamran Faisal. He stated that Kamran regularly used medicines but he was unaware about the nature of the medicines. Police has made Sajid’s statement part of case record which will be presented before the court on next hearing.

In the application for FIR, NAB officer Noman Aslam stated to the Secretariat Police that he along with other officials of NAB had been trying to call the deceased on his cell phone on January 17 evening but they failed to get any response. Next morning, “we (again) tried to contact him via cell phone” but all in vain, the plaintiff said in his written complaint.

It prompted some of his colleagues to go to his room where they found his dead body hanging from ceiling fan in room No 2 of Federal Lodge No 1, he said, adding that it appeared that Kamran did not commit suicide rather he was murdered. “It is, therefore, requested to lodge a murder case” against the killers. The complaint also said that as wide scale rumours have spread about this death, so he had been directed to get registered a formal report to ascertain facts.

“Yes, police has registered an FIR against unknown murderers in connection with Kamran Faisal case. A team of investigators of capital police has been deputed to investigate the case to expose the culprits,” a spokesperson of Islamabad Capital Territory Police told TheNation on Saturday. Sources said that the police investigation team has been given mandate to interrogate all concerned senior NAB officers as well as some politicians.