ISLAMABAD - Lawmakers in the National Assembly on Saturday underlined that the problems of Muslims could be resolved by following the teaching of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

The house suspended the agenda items on the order of the day emphasising to follow the life of Muhammad (PBUH) who had given the message of peace, tolerance and harmony in his teaching.

There were only 25 legislators in the house who unanimously adopted a motion to suspend the agenda items.

PPP chief whip and Religious Affairs Minister Khursheed Shah floated the idea of dedicating a day to speak on the life and teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), suggesting that this practice should be adopted in future as well.The Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI-F), which has already made hat trick of walkouts from the house on the imposition of 'governor’s rule' in Balochistan, staged another walkout on the same issue after highlighting the teaching of the last Prophet.Throwing light on the life and teaching of the Holy Prophet‚ Khursheed Shah appealed to religious scholars to spread the actual teaching of Islam to promote peace in the country.

He said: "There is need to present actual face of Islam. We are distress because we have forgotten true teaching of Islam. It is the duty of incumbent government to provide peace to the people of the country, which could only be possible with the cooperation of all. Government can't solely deal with the plethora of issues.

“Muslims are the thirty percent of the world population but unfortunately facing chaos. There is a need to follow actual teaching of our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in true spirit. Some nefarious elements are trying to impose their agenda in the garb of Islam.”

He went on to add that any true follower of the Prophet could never be the part of such elements that are trying to impose their agenda in Islam.

Talking about sectarianism in the country, he said that there should not be a divide among Muslims because peace is not possible with this divide.

Taking the floor, Interior Minister Rehman Malik urged the militants to give up violence and become true followers of Muhammad (PBUH).

"Terrorists should either lay down arms or declare themselves as non-Muslims. I invite all the Talibans to follow the true teaching of Islam."

He said that cellular companies had issued 150,000 sims illegally and he had asked them to verify the particulars of all their subscribers until February 28.

He demanded of the house to adopt a resolution to block all unauthorised sims and fix a punishment for the violator.

He said that the house had not adopted bill on anti-terrorism despite his repeated requests. "If the bill is adopted, it will help arresting the terrorists who take the advantage of the absence of legislation.”

Highlighting the teaching of the Holy Prophet, the legislators across the aisle said that his teachings could help Muslims to get rid of their problems. Before staging walkout from the proceeding of the House, Abdul Malik Wazir of the JUI-F hailed Khursheed Shah for introducing a positive tradition in the house to discuss life and teaching of Prophet Muhammad.

Jamshed Dasti, Abdul Qadir Khanzada, Tahira Aurangzeb, Ramesh Lal, Haji Rozuddin, Shazia Murri, Fakhurrunisa Khokar, Asif Husnain, Shagufta Sadiq, Mehreen Anwar Raja, Shakeel Awan also highlighted the teaching of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).