While over hundred innocent citizens of Pakistan were massacred, our electronic media continued to give coverage to telephonic address of a politician, who in spite of holding power for over two decades was justifying his dual nationality and in the process maligning the Quaid. The prime time political talk shows were too engrossed with either this drone attack of the UK based MQM politician, or threatened long march announced by a Canadian national, while major political parties in power and in opposition were too busy discussing their political strategies. All that matters to these people is power politics and perks and abuses of power that political office or paid public service offers them.

Have we as a nation become immune to uncalled-for massacres of our citizens, and all that this tragic news merited was taped display by most television stations or in some cases a breaking news or tickers? It is shocking that conscience of our ruling elite is either in hibernation, or they have become completely immune to basic human values, morals and feelings. In contrast to this, when 22 innocent children and six adults were massacred by a mentally disturbed man in Connecticut USA, the whole nation was in shock and for days this was the only major news, and the political executive, members of congress, civil society and media were engrossed with this tragedy. President Obama, the most powerful leader of the world was in tears and he suspended all his other official assignments and chose to visit the small town and personally condole the relatives of each victim.

The US national flag was at half mast. There was an inter-faith service to mourn the deaths in that small town and President Obama was personally present there. The massacre of over 100 innocent citizens in Balochistan did not merit even a personal comment from our President or PM, there was just the regular statement issued condemning the incident and saying they had taken notice of this tragedy. I would like to know what kind of notice?


Lahore, January 11.