PESHAWAR  – Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Barrister Masood Kausar Saturday revealed that Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf would soon announce the package of many mega projects in FATA and joint meeting of the financial and economic managers would be held either in Peshawar or Islamabad.

He informed that the Prime Minster will head his team while the provincial team will be headed by the governor himself which will decide how much resources will be enough for those projects in the entire FATA belt.

He was talking to Senators from FATA including Senator Salah Shah, Senator Haji Khan, Senator Idress Khan, Senator Hidayat Ullah, Senator Najmul Hussan, Senator Hilal Rahman and Senator Rashid Ahmed at Khyber Pakhtunkhwa House Islamabad.

The governor said the Prime Minister had assured him to remove the bottlenecks in the developmental process in FATA and the provision of resources would be ensured as soon possible.

He said the delayed action coupled with indecisiveness partly because of militancy and some other factors in the process of development created multi-faceted problems in FATA areas. The timely completion of developmental schemes,  would enhance the level of economic activities, create job opportunities and would ultimately lead to overcome militancy in the tribal areas, he added.

He said focus would be on the development of social sectors in the overall plan. In the very first, they needed resources for Bara Dam and University of FATA, sports, schemes in social sectors so that the youth could be attracted and their confidence restored in the developmental exercise by the government.

“However, one should not ignore the reality that the tribal youth needed to be trained properly in politics so that they could do decent politics instead of the politics of destruction”. The governor said that representation in the already announced grand Jirga could be enhanced if the elected representatives demanded.  He regretted the Bara incident adding that it was unfortunately politicized by some elements that endangered the amicable resolution of the issue.

He said, they succeeded in overcoming the issue and the agreed agenda with grand Jirga had already been put in for implementation.

The governor said that there could be political deference but the system could not be afforded to hijack for some ulterior motives. Such intentions should be discouraged to safeguard the system, he added. He assured that he would direct the political agents to take the elected representatives on board on issues in their areas.

The governor said that the government would not allow any body to challenge writ of the government and assured the government would fulfill its responsibilities to restore its writ at all cost.

He said, militancy would be eradicated and the hidden hands would be exposed. He advised the elected representatives to restore the culture of dialogue as it gave solution to all problems.

“Fortunately peace and normalcy is gradually returning back which is a good sign for investment in the tribal areas however we have to make wise decisions in the given circumstances”, the Governor said.

He assured a transplant mechanism for monitoring the developmental strategy in FATA and promised that he himself would monitor the whole process and the weakness in the system would be removed at all levels. He assured to resolve the problems indicated by the senators on the occasion.