LAHORE – Special Assistant to Chief Minister, Zaeem Hussain Qadri on Saturday said that the people who surprised Manzoor Wattoo in the last by-election, would be surprise him again as Pakistan People’s Party would be defeated in the general elections again.

Qadri said that the crushing defeat had become the fate of looters and dacoits. He said that the people had fully identified the real face of mimic politicians like Manzoor Wattoo who can now no more hoodwink the masses. He advised Manzoor Wattoo to search his soul before levelling allegations on others.

Zaeem Qadri stated that there was no room for the gang of looters in politics of Pakistan and the past of Manzoor Wattoo was full of misdeeds. He said that the story of Manzoor Wattoo, who looted the funds of widows and Baitulmaal, had now ended.