SHERGARH - The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) is the party of the masses which will ensure protection of their right and will enable them get rid of inflation, unemployment, lawlessness, injustice and corruption after coming into power.

This was stated by PTI district Okara Vice-President Mirza Faisal Aziz Baig while talking to journalists at his residence here the other day. He said that PTI Chairman Imran Khan was a man of honour and principles and a real statesman. The kind of leadership dreamt of by the entire nation after Quaid-e-Azam seems to have materialized in the shape of Imran Khan, he added. Baig said that the people of Pakistan now could no more be deceived in the name of democracy. He criticized the ruling elite of the country and said that the rulers who had pushed the nation into the darkness and frustration were devoid of capability to resolve the challenges being confronted the country.

‘Feudal lords and mill owners can never be true representatives of the farmers, labourers and the poor. The masses will have to stand up from the slumber and get rid of these blood-suckers,” he stressed. The PTI leader pointed out that the only way out of this predicament was a real change through ballot. Criticizing the PPP and the PML-N, he alleged that both the parties had given the public nothing but hunger, poverty and unemployment. He claimed that the PTI intra-party elections at the union council level would provide the nation a real glimpse of democracy.

Snatched Tractor-Trolley Recovered: The police recovered a tractor-trolley snatched by armed dacoits on Shergarh-Hujra Road eight days ago, here the other day.

The tractor-trolley, owned by Ch Riaz Ahmad, Ch Shafeeq Ahmad and local journalist Ch Yasin, all residents of Shergarh was returning from Abdullah Sugar Mills after unloading sugarcane. It was intercepted on Shergarh-Hujra Road by armed men. They held the driver at gunpoint, tortured him and snatched the tractor-trolley worth Rs2 million. The police was informed about the robbery upon which DSP Circle Renala Khurd Ch Fida Hussain formed a police team headed by Shergarh Police Sub-Inspector Rai Shamd Ali and assigned the task of recovery of the vehicle.

SI Rai Shamd with the help of SI Muhammad Hanif and other team members traced the dacoits, recovered the tractor-trolley near Sahiwal and arrested two accused.