PESHAWAR  - Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan has shown eagerness in holding peace talks with the Pakistan government and stated the outfit is seeking ‘serious and powerful mediators’ who can freely negotiate on behalf of the army.

Talking to from an undisclosed location, TTP spokesperson Ihsanullah Ihsan said: “The government had made us an offer to come to the table for talks. We are serious about talks. But we will move after we see that our interlocutors are serious and the talks could be result-oriented.”  He added, “We are ready for talks for the betterment of the Pakistani nation and for the sake of Islam. We have never rejected such offers in the past and we will never do so in the days ahead.”

Ihsanullah who did not seem very optimistic about any settlement with the government in the future, said, “Despite the attitude of the government which shows it is not serious about the talks, we will initiate it so that people do not blame us for not coming to the negotiating table. We were made an offer, we responded and now we are awaiting the government’s reply.”