KARACHI - Famous Pakistani atomic scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan has said that ill policies of incompetent and ignorant rulers and politicians are causing ‘brain drain’ in the country.

He was speaking at the 12th convocation of Iqra University held in Karachi on Sunday. Iqra University’s Chancellor Hunaid Lakhani, Vice Chancellor UAG Esani, Maliha Lakhani and other dignitaries were also present on the occasion.

“We have made only atomic bombs during the last 66 years while unfortunately other things are only being imported from China and other countries,” Dr Khan said and underlined the importance of education for the country’s growth.

The Iqra University has issued as many as 300 degrees to the fresh graduates, while Dr Qadeer Khan bestowed gold medals to 11 meritorious students. The degrees largely were conferred to luminous graduates of Media Sciences, Management Sciences, Computer Sciences, Education & Learning Sciences, Engineering and Fashion & Textile Designing.

Dr Khan expressed concerns over the dilemma of brain drain in the country, and held rulers and politicians responsible for this quandary of brain drain.

He advised the students to make specialization in their relevant fields, and said that the greatness of an individual liked with the quality of education, which is linked with the excellence of institution. He also shared all his past experiences with the audience regarding the making of atomic bomb in Pakistan.

Iqra University’s Chancellor Hunaid Lakhani thanked Dr Qadeer Khan for being a part of the convocation. “Education is the only key to all problems faced by the country.

In the past year alone, we have been ranked number one University in Sindh by the CIEC, in the Top Three Business Schools in Pakistan by the HEC, and the University with the Highest Research Output in Management Sciences by the HEC,” he maintained.

He said: “At Iqra University, we understand that our students of today are the leaders of tomorrow. They are the future of our country. They will run our government, manage our businesses, and serve our country.”

More than 2,000 guests from corporate sector, faculty members, educationists, friends and family members witnessed the prestigious ceremony.

He congratulated the graduates and stressed upon the importance of education by giving thought provoking statistics, by giving references from the Hadiths and by quoting the founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, “You must concentrate on gaining knowledge and education, it is your foremost responsibility. It is matter of life and death.