PESHAWAR  - Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Information Shah Farman Sunday raided the house of Peshawar Electric Supply Company (PESCO) Chief Tariq Sadozai and alleged that he was involved in theft of electricity.
Accompanied by police, government officials and media persons, the Provincial Information raided the PESCO chief house at Wapda Colony, where he checked electricity connections and claimed that he was involved in illegal use of power.
Talking to media person, Shah Farman alleged that Pesco chief have got illegal power connections from a nearby pole. He said that Pesco officials were themselves involved in power theft while Minister of State for Water and Power Abid Sher Ali was backing them particularly the PESCO chief.
Earlier, Abid Sher Ali had threatened that the electricity of the constituency of Shah Farman would be cut off because there was massive theft of electricity in that area and power bills were not being paid. Political observers and media analysts said that the action of the KPK Minister would lead to a new cold war between PTI and PML-N.
PESCO Spokesman Shaukat Afzal while talking to the media said that Provincial Minister Shah Farman illegally visited Wapda Colony and checked the connection of Pesco employees, including CEO Pesco and found no illegal connection or direct connection in the colony.
He said that provincial minister was misleading people and it was totally wrong that Pesco chief was involved in illegal use of electricity. He, however, said that it was a reaction to Pesco drive against direct hooks and illegal use of electricity throughout the province especially in those areas where there are more than 90 per cent power losses and stealing were occurred.
 He said that when all Pesco employees have free units with reference to their designation how one could use illegal electricity. He said that a digital meter is already installed at the residence of Pesco chief and every bill is paid and there is no direct connection at his house , he concluded.