LAHORE  - National Accountability Bureau authorities have arrested the brother of a leading businessman from Lahore and not only harassed female members of the family but also took away CCTV cameras, DVR, CPU and cheque books, said the counsel for Jawad Ahmad on Sunday.
NAB arrested Ahmad from Lahore a couple of days ago and pressured him not to disclose big names who had allegedly received hefty amounts of money against the award of tenders in Pakistan Railways during Pakistan People’s Party’s tenure.
“My client has now approached Lahore High Court to seek protection against NAB officers.”
The counsel submitted that the director of Pak Steel Traders had been accused of illegally getting accredited Rs75 million of Railways amount to his account. But, he added, apart from him, former Railways minister and two senior Railways officers were also among the beneficiaries of the said amount.
Farooq Amjad Meer further said NAB officers were filmed on CCTV cameras while harassing female members of Jawad Ahmad’s family but they removed those cameras from the house they raided on, to eliminate the proof of their illegal action.
The lawyer said his client was ready to pay back but NAB officers were pressuring him not to disclose the names of the influentials.
The spokesperson for NAB meanwhile said Ahmad was the main accused in the scam as well as the beneficiary. He said NAB had the proof of corruption against him. NAB would summon everyone found involved in the scam regardless of his/her status, said the official, referring to the OGRA scandal in which the Bureau summoned certain influential people and took action against them.
The official said fixing the responsibility was a lengthy process but NAB was on it.
He said the case in question had been referred to NAB by incumbent Railways Minister Saad Rafique.
The spokesperson rejected the allegation that NAB was pushing the accused not to name anyone.
He said the Lahore-based businessman had never submitted any written statement in which he had accused Ghulam Ahmad Bilour and other Railway officials of graft and if he had done so that statement would be considered.