Some of our politicians have suggested award of Nishan e Haider to the Shuhada of the APS Peshawar. They seemingly do not know that an NH is a purely military award and cannot be given to even a brave civilian. However, no gallantry award in the world would measure up to the highly commendable heroic deed of the very young braves of the APS Peshawar and their equally daringly courageous and valiant female teachers on December 16, 2014. The entire nation is proud of them and salutes them for their dauntless courage and bravery. They must all be honoured with the highest civil awards for gallantry in the face of the worst kind of enemy. In addition to this and to immortalise their heroism, a magnificent and befitting memorial should be built at the Zero Ground of the School, for the future generations to reverently pay homage.


Rawalpindi, January 25.