Buses are an important mode of transport, and the majority using them include students and office workers. Unfortunately, after 67 years we still do not have an organised transport system. The government does not think it important enough to invest in. The private transporters do not believe that schedules and timings are of any importance, as they are mostly illiterate people. They don’t even care about public woes of traveling. Wah Cantt is populated by more than 0.4 million people, while Taxila has a population of 0.3 million, district of both cities is Rawalpindi that’s why there is desperate need for people to travel to Rawalpindi on daily bases, but there is no proper transport available.

Usually people from Taxila travel on Hiaces which are coming from Haripoor, Attock and Peshawar. Condition of transport on GT road is worse, I don’t know whether National Highway Authority is sleeping as they have no proper check and balance system. We demand the authorities, especially Ch. Nisar and the CM Punjab, to launch, Wah-Rawalpindi Metro Bus Service or any other bus service, or issue license to private individuals who want to invest.


Wah Cantt, January 23.